Landing Gear Drilling Solution


Customer Product: Commercial Aircraft Landing Gear

UNISIG SolutionB700 Drop Bed BTA Drilling Machine

A manufacturer specializing in aerospace component manufacturing saw the opportunity to expand their company to meet additional demands by their customer, which included the addition of large deep hole machining capabilities. The customer had previously established a strong reputation within their industry, and upholding their manufacturing standards as they took on new and challenging parts was essential.

The customer required deep holes drilled into rotating workpieces, made further complicated by an irregularly shaped workpiece that required the machine to have a larger swing, while ensuring accurate drilling with an off-center, weighted part. UNISIG’s solution provided a B700-4M BTA deep hole drilling machine, with a unique servo-driven drop bed design to allow 1600 mm of swing over the bed, while accommodating parts of varying length. The machine finishes bores up to 305 mm in diameter, up to 4,000 mm deep, in materials ranging from alloy steel forgings to titanium.

The installed machine is successfully producing these parts for the customer, relying on very high power, torque, and thrust capabilities, bringing them unique capabilities to support their own customer needs, as well as win new business.

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