USC-M Machine Benefits Featured in Case Study

Moldmaking Technology Magazine highlighted Concours Mold Inc.’s investment into UNISIG’s USC-M50, and two USC-M38 machines. Concours highlights the reduction of several other machines on their floor, drastically reduced setup time, and less dependence on outsourced work, among other benefits. The case study goes in depth into the impressive effects on their manufacturing process, throughput, and overall business impact.

“As our company announcement said when we launched our third Unisig USC-M in February 2018, the USC-M series brings unmatched capabilities in a single, game-changing machine,” Ergun says. “This is our tomorrow.”

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Photo Credit: Concours Mold, Inc.


UNISIG Hosts Industry Editors’ Event

UNISIG welcomed a group of editors from some of the industry’s major publications to our plant for an open house and education program. Topics included machine and process overviews, as well as industry spotlights, including the mold industry, and firearms production. Editors were welcome to tour the facility and get immersed in UNISIG’s engineering and manufacturing processes, and learn how machines come together to produce extremely accurate, deep holes for our customers.

The group enjoyed many hands-on sessions, where they were able to handle a variety of BTA, gundrill, and specialty deep hole tooling, while having an open discussion with key members of our engineering team. Attendees provided extremely positive feedback as they learned about the manufacturing possibilities opened up through deep hole drilling on precision UNISIG machines.

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deep hole drilling tooling seminar


Mold Manufacturer Highlights UNISIG’s Productivity Contribution

Commercial Tool and Die, plastic injection mold shop in Comstock Park, Michigan, highlights their capabilities in productive deep hole drilling, performed by Ingersoll Deep-Trio tools on their three UNISIG USC-M38 deep hole drilling and milling machines. The case study was featured in the June 2017 issue of Moldmaking Technology.

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mold manufacturers using the UNISIG USC-M machine