Fully Automated Barrel Cell | Video

Seamless automation brings together multi-spindle gundrilling, reaming, and rifling machines for unprecedented barrel manufacturing capabilities, in the most advanced cell of its kind.

Fully automated machines include part loading and tool changing, and are brought together with robotic automation. Firearm manufacturers can run high accuracy, high production operations with absolute minimal operator effort.

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Rifle Barrel Manufacturing Cell with Automation | Video

UNISIG’s production cell integrates our UNE 2-spindle gundrilling machine and UNR 2-spindle reaming machine with robotic automation. The cell leads into our R-2A rifling machine for steady, repeatable rifle barrel blank manufacturing at high production.

The cell includes automated tool handling and machine guarding. Effortless production is furthered with racking systems, inspection, and oil blowoff capabilities.

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Drilling Landing Gear Struts on a Drop Bed | Video

UNISIG’s B700 Drop Bed deep hole drilling machine handles the specific challenges of landing gear strut manufacturing. The machine performs accurate and powerful BTA drilling, even when faced with large, off-center weighted workpieces. Built on UNISIG’s proven B-series machine platform, a challenging application is made easy and repeatable with intuitive controls, programmable part length, and a drop bed design to handle a range of aerospace parts. Continue reading“Drilling Landing Gear Struts on a Drop Bed | Video”