Production Gundrilling of Track Pins | Case Study

Industry: Transportation

Customer Product: Military Track Pins

UNISIG Solution: UNI-25HD Multi Spindle Gundrilling Machine

Image credit: William Cook
William Cook is a UK manufacturer of track running gear for armored vehicles. Their relentless drive to engineer, test, and produce the best products in this category has propelled them to their position as a global industry leader. William Cook is the main supplier of vehicle tracks to the British Army, in addition to having their products on the majority of armored fighting vehicles worldwide.

These vehicle tracks include a key component – track pins – which are designed to endure intense wear and tear from large, fast moving vehicles on uneven terrain. Components are produced to be strong, lightweight, and durable – at enormous production volumes. The material used is challenging to machine, and the combination of design and production demands leaves no room for compromise.

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High Production Gundrilling on the UNI25HD | Video

UNISIG’s 4-Spindle UNI25HD gundrilling machine supports modern, high-feed tooling with increased feed rates, power, and thrust, empowering deep hole drilling customers to maximize the potential of the overall process.

Integrated automation keeps the production moving with minimal effort from operators, allowing deep hole drilling production to keep up with manufacturing goals.

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