Handling the Challenges of Landing Gear Drilling | Case Study


Customer Product: Commercial Aircraft Landing Gear

UNISIG SolutionB700 Drop Bed BTA Drilling Machine

Alta Precision’s landing gear struts are displayed in the finished product.

Alta Precision is an industry-leading manufacturer of commercial aircraft landing gear in Montreal, QC, Canada. When they recently expanded their production facility to introduce a new landing gear product, it was an opportunity to invest in updated capabilities. Continue reading“Handling the Challenges of Landing Gear Drilling | Case Study”



Aerospace Solutions featured on Modern Machine Shop

UNISIG’s B700 Drop Bed machine is featured on Modern Machine Shop’s website for its innovative ability to handle irregularly-shaped components that are common to the aerospace industry, and quickly and intuitively adjusts for various lengths of workpieces. Deep hole drilling of these various aerospace parts are easily handled on the B700, with the accuracy that UNISIG machines are known for.

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