Fully Automated Barrel Cell | Video

Seamless automation brings together multi-spindle gundrilling, reaming, and rifling machines for unprecedented barrel manufacturing capabilities, in the most advanced cell of its kind .

Fully automated machines include part loading and tool changing, and are brought together with robotic automation. Firearm manufacturers can run high accuracy, high production operations with absolute minimal operator effort .

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Rifle Barrel Manufacturing Cell with Automation | Video

UNISIG’s production cell integrates our UNE 2-spindle gundrilling machine and UNR 2-spindle reaming machine with robotic automation . The cell leads into our R-2A rifling machine for steady, repeatable rifle barrel blank manufacturing at high production.

The cell includes automated tool handling and machine guarding . Effortless production is furthered with racking systems, inspection, and oil blowoff capabilities.

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Taking Control of Barrel Blank Production | Case Study

Industry: Firearms

Customer Product: Specialty Rifle Barrels

UNISIG Solution: Firearms Industry Production Cell

rifled custom barrels
Match Grade Machine, a specialty manufacturer of standard and custom single shot rifle and pistol barrels, stands out in their industry for their exceptional accuracy and attention to detail, complimented with a proven record for fast delivery to customers’ hands . The reputation of their products, as well as their high level of customer service and responsiveness, is vital to their long standing success and brand integrity .

Image Credit: Match Grade Machine

Dylan Sip, owner of Match Grade, is always conscious of opportunities to improve his company and advance their balance of brand and product values . Being able to offer top quality barrels, at a competitive price point, with the fastest lead times to market is what has earned them their place in the market . Continue reading“Taking Control of Barrel Blank Production | Case Study”



Drilling Landing Gear Struts on a Drop Bed | Video

UNISIG’s B700 Drop Bed deep hole drilling machine handles the specific challenges of landing gear strut manufacturing . The machine performs accurate and powerful BTA drilling, even when faced with large, off-center weighted workpieces. Built on UNISIG’s proven B-series machine platform, a challenging application is made easy and repeatable with intuitive controls, programmable part length, and a drop bed design to handle a range of aerospace parts . Continue reading“Drilling Landing Gear Struts on a Drop Bed | Video”