USC-M Machine Benefits Featured in Case Study

Moldmaking Technology Magazine highlighted Concours Mold Inc.’s investment into UNISIG’s USC-M50, and two USC-M38 machines. Concours highlights the reduction of several other machines on their floor, drastically reduced setup time, and less dependence on outsourced work, among other benefits. The case study goes in depth into the impressive effects on their manufacturing process, throughput, and overall business impact.

“As our company announcement said when we launched our third Unisig USC-M in February 2018, the USC-M series brings unmatched capabilities in a single, game-changing machine,” Ergun says. “This is our tomorrow.”

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Photo Credit: Concours Mold, Inc.


Production Gundrilling of Track Pins | Case Study

Industry: Transportation

Customer Product: Military Track Pins

UNISIG Solution: UNI-25HD Multi Spindle Gundrilling Machine

Image credit: William Cook
William Cook is a UK manufacturer of track running gear for armored vehicles. Their relentless drive to engineer, test, and produce the best products in this category has propelled them to their position as a global industry leader. William Cook is the main supplier of vehicle tracks to the British Army, in addition to having their products on the majority of armored fighting vehicles worldwide.

These vehicle tracks include a key component – track pins – which are designed to endure intense wear and tear from large, fast moving vehicles on uneven terrain. Components are produced to be strong, lightweight, and durable – at enormous production volumes. The material used is challenging to machine, and the combination of design and production demands leaves no room for compromise.

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Taking Control of Barrel Blank Production | Case Study

Industry: Firearms

Customer Product: Specialty Rifle Barrels

UNISIG Solution: Firearms Industry Production Cell

rifled custom barrels
Match Grade Machine, a specialty manufacturer of standard and custom single shot rifle and pistol barrels, stands out in their industry for their exceptional accuracy and attention to detail, complimented with a proven record for fast delivery to customers’ hands. The reputation of their products, as well as their high level of customer service and responsiveness, is vital to their long standing success and brand integrity.

Image Credit: Match Grade Machine

Dylan Sip, owner of Match Grade, is always conscious of opportunities to improve his company and advance their balance of brand and product values. Being able to offer top quality barrels, at a competitive price point, with the fastest lead times to market is what has earned them their place in the market. Continue reading“Taking Control of Barrel Blank Production | Case Study”



Drilling Down to the Smallest Diameters | Case Study

Industry: Medical

Customer Product: Surgical Tooling

UNISIG Solution: UNE6 Gundrilling Machine

drilled medical part being measured
When the manufacturing engineering team at medical device manufacturer ConMed, needed to find a way to pull significant costs out of production, he saw an opportunity to bring bone drill holemaking in house. The parts, however, presented a significant challenge, with small diameters, thin part walls, and approaching depth-to-diameter hole ratios of 100:1. Manager Kevin Burch and his team weren’t sure that gundrilling could hold their required tolerances and give them the control of accuracy that they needed. Continue reading“Drilling Down to the Smallest Diameters | Case Study”



Modernized High Volume Receiver Production | Case Study


Customer Product: Rifle Receivers

UNISIG SolutionUNI25HD with Automation

High powered gundrilling production is performed on the UNI25HD automated cell.

Rifle barrel receivers go on every rifle that is manufactured, and a growing firearms industry has affected the demands of manufacturers. Continue reading“Modernized High Volume Receiver Production | Case Study”