USC-M Machine Benefits Featured in Case Study

Moldmaking Technology Magazine highlighted Concours Mold Inc.’s investment into UNISIG’s USC-M50, and two USC-M38 machines. Concours highlights the reduction of several other machines on their floor, drastically reduced setup time, and less dependence on outsourced work, among other benefits. The case study goes in depth into the impressive effects on their manufacturing process, throughput, and overall business impact.

“As our company announcement said when we launched our third Unisig USC-M in February 2018, the USC-M series brings unmatched capabilities in a single, game-changing machine,” Ergun says. “This is our tomorrow.”

Read the full case study on Moldmakingtechnology.com

Photo Credit: Concours Mold, Inc.


Fully Automated Barrel Cell | Video

Seamless automation brings together multi-spindle gundrilling, reaming, and rifling machines for unprecedented barrel manufacturing capabilities, in the most advanced cell of its kind.

Fully automated machines include part loading and tool changing, and are brought together with robotic automation. Firearm manufacturers can run high accuracy, high production operations with absolute minimal operator effort.

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Independent Spindle Gundrilling – UNE6-2i | Video

For small diameter gundrilling, our UNE6-2i machine allows manufacturers to maintain tolerances while taking advantage of two independent spindles. Designed for what’s typically medical applications, parts can be drilled easily from each end, for accuracy without sacrificing productivity or floor space.

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UNISIG’s BTA Changeover Tool

UNISIG’s BTA Changeover Tool is designed to reduce the time and effort required to change essential durable tooling components such as the master bushing. The changeover tool is durable and easy to use on BTA deep hole drilling machines.

The design allows for adjustability to mount to most common durable tooling components and sizes, and a weight-balanced and crane-ready design for ease of use.

Watch the video to learn more and see it in use on UNISIG’s B-Series machine.