Precision Medical Drilling


Customer Product: Surgical Instruments

UNISIG SolutionUNE6 Gundrilling Machine

A manufacturer of precision instruments needed to produce stainless steel components that required small, precision holes with a very high depth-to-diameter ratio. The customer’s previous manufacturing method used common CNC equipment and was extremely time consuming and with low reliability, further complicated by the nature of the application having thin tube walls.

After an application review and testing in our Tech Center, UNISIG provided a UNE6 gundrilling machine that drilled holes approximately 3 mm in diameter, up to 200 mm deep, while maintaining the very low runout specifications that the appliation demanded. The final solution included the machine, workholding, tooling, and process development services.

The customer continues to produce medical tooling components on the UNE6 machine, and has improved their production along with part quality, allowing them to improve their competitiveness in the medical market.

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