Watch UNISIG videos on deep hole drilling machines, applications, and educational topics.

Automated Rifle Barrel Cell

Rifle barrel blanks are manufactured accurately and efficiently in UNISIG’s automated barrel cell, which combines the UNE gundrilling machine with the UNR reaming machine, along with smart robotic automation, inspection stations, and loading trays.

B700 Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Watch UNISIG’s B700 machine use BTA deep hole drilling to create deep holes in longer workpieces.

UNE Dual Spindle Gundrilling Machine

Watch UNISIG’s UNE12-2-750 machine productively gundrill two round workpieces for applications such as firearms manufacturing.

USC-M Machine Overview

Learn how UNISIG USC-M deep hole drilling and milling centers revolutionize mold manufacturing.

Hydraulic Cylinder Finishing

Skiving and roller burnishing is used on a UNISIG BTA deep hole drilling machine to finish hydraulic cylinder bores.

B630 Deep Hole Drilling Demo

UNISIG’s B630 rack and pinion deep hole drilling machine demos counter rotating BTA drilling for extremely straight, deep holes.

Deep Hole Drilling 101

Start with the basics of deep hole drilling, and learn what is considered a deep hole, and what it takes to successfully drill one.