Machines for Mold

Mold manufacturers are faced with the challenge of handling large workpieces that require deep hole drilling as well as machining with maximum precision. UNISIG’s mold drilling and milling machines are specifically designed with market input to combine operations, reducing setup time and effort, increasing accuracy, and eliminating design restrictions of traditional machining centers.

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deep hole drilling machine for molds

These machines combine precision BTA and gundrilling for water lines with a robust milling spindle, enabling mold manufacturers to perform multiple processes with one setup, improving both accuracy and throughput.

Designed For:
  • GundrillingBTA
  • Optional milling spindle for mold manufacturing productivity
  • Hole Diameters up to 102 mm [4.00 in]
  • Block Workpieces
cnc drilling machine for molds

The USC-M series enables large mold manufacturers to further improve their process with compound angle deep hole drilling, machining with a CAT 50 spindle, rotating table, full enclosure guarding, and additional accuracy and productivity enhancing options, changing the whole process for mold machining.

Designed For:
  • GundrillingBTA, Machining
  • Hole Diameters up to 50 mm [2.00 in]
  • Block Workpieces
  • Mold industry
table gundrilling machine

USK knee-type machines are versatile BTA and gundrilling machines that drill smaller molds and mold plates with precision. USK machines offer an array of options to meet tolerance or production goals.

Designed For:
  • GundrillingBTA
  • Hole Diameters up to 75 mm [3.00 in]
  • Round or Block Workpieces

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