Integrated Automation: Video Spotlight

Automation in deep hole drilling machines goes far beyond just robots. Automated capabilities are commonly included in machines to empower manufacturers to achieve ideal production flows, to reduce manual part and tool handling, and to maintain superior accuracy standards in drilled workpieces.

Automation is commonly integrated into deep hole drilling machines, working in part with the entire system to enhance capabilities while providing a seamless and ergonomic experience for operators. UNISIG works with each customer’s application demands to create a solution that optimizes their production and specification goals, resulting in a machine system that brings confidence to their manufacturing.

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UNISIG Hosts Industry Editors’ Event

UNISIG welcomed a group of editors from some of the industry’s major publications to our plant for an open house and education program. Topics included machine and process overviews, as well as industry spotlights, including the mold industry, and firearms production. Editors were welcome to tour the facility and get immersed in UNISIG’s engineering and manufacturing processes, and learn how machines come together to produce extremely accurate, deep holes for our customers.

The group enjoyed many hands-on sessions, where they were able to handle a variety of BTA, gundrill, and specialty deep hole tooling, while having an open discussion with key members of our engineering team. Attendees provided extremely positive feedback as they learned about the manufacturing possibilities opened up through deep hole drilling on precision UNISIG machines.

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Drilling Down to the Smallest Diameters | Case Study

Industry: Medical

Customer Product: Surgical Tooling

UNISIG Solution: UNE6 Gundrilling Machine

When Kevin Burch, manufacturing engineer at medical device manufacturer ConMed, needed to find a way to pull significant costs out of production, he saw an opportunity to bring bone drill holemaking in house. Burch’s teams’ parts, however, presented a significant challenge, with small diameters, thin part walls, and approaching depth-to-diameter hole ratios of 100:1. Him and his team weren’t sure that gundrilling could hold their required tolerances and give them the control of accuracy that they needed. Continue reading“Drilling Down to the Smallest Diameters | Case Study”